Film Faced Shuttering Plywood

Film Faced Shuttering Plywood Manufacturers

ATC Ply is a leading Film Faced Shuttering Plywood Manufacturers and suppliers in the market. Our provided film faced shuttering plywood is manufactured with exceptional plywood with two edges glazed with a waterproof film. Film main operation is to preserve the inner timber from moisture, water, climate and increase the plywood’s service life.

ATC film faced shuttering plywood is extensively known for the supreme repetitions protecting up to 45 per cent of costs. Its USP is the glass finish on both edges.

Film faced shuttering plywood can be used for shuttering applications for constructions, large buildings, bridges, airports, railway junctions, making vehicles. The offered Film Faced Shuttering Plywood can be obtained from us at lowest prices

Special Features of ATC Film Faced Shuttering Plywood are:
  • • It has a glossy glass-like excellent finishing on both edges.
  • • During shuttering work repetition, extra timber saves up to 45% of the plywood cost.
  • • After using it as shuttering plywood multiple times, it can be re-usable for panelling, roofing, flooring, partitions etc.
  • • The weight of paper used in the film is 125gms
  • • Its cross-laminated construction within face veneer, core veneer and the film repeatedly intensify the strength of ply.

Technical Specifications

Properties Requirement Test Result
Moisture Content 5 - 15 % 8 - 10 %
Glue Shear Strength
Dry State
Wet State

1350 N
1000 N

1525 N
1200 N
Adhesion of Plies (Knife Test) Pass Pass
Tensile Strength
Along the Grain
Across the Grain

32.5 N/mm2
22.5 N/mm2

45 N/mm2
38 N/mm2
Modulus of Elasticity
Along the Grain
Across the Grain

8000 N/mm2
4000 N/mm2

9000 N/mm2
7000 N/mm2