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Film Face Shuttering

Shuttering plywood is manufactured from veneers of well selected and strong hardwood. It is bonded with high quality liquid phenol formaldehyde synthetic resin manufactured at our resin plant confirming to IS 848:1974 pressed with thermal setting hot press and treated with special quality preservatives.

This unique process makes it ideally suitable for railing, screw holding, heat resistance, hardness property to bear all the toughest conditions. This product is having strong load bearing capacity, which prevents swelling during shuttering works. It offers re-usable value under careful care and proper handling. Ferro Film Face shuttering Plywood is mfd. As per IS:4990 specification. This product is widely used in construction of buildings, bridges, cooling towers, water tanks etc. because it is strong and durable enough to withstand and encounter the load of concrete and vibrations caused while pouring the concrete. Severe pressure is used to make the product highly densified. Using selected hardwood veneers, BWP grade of phenol formaldehyde resin-conforming to IS:848 1974 is used for bonding. Permanent preservatives treatment in a pressure impregnation plant is carried out to make it resistant to termites and other micro-organisms. After every stage of the production process. Strict quality measures are taken to maintain the high quality of our products.

Technical Specifications

Properties Requirement Test Result
Moisture Content 5 - 15 % 8 - 10 %
Glue Shear Strength
Dry State
Wet State

1350 N
1000 N

1525 N
1200 N
Adhesion of Plies (Knife Test) Pass Pass
Tensile Strength
Along the Grain
Across the Grain

32.5 N/mm2
22.5 N/mm2

45 N/mm2
38 N/mm2
Modulus of Elasticity
Along the Grain
Across the Grain

8000 N/mm2
4000 N/mm2

9000 N/mm2
7000 N/mm2