Shuttering Plywood in Haryana

Shuttering Plywood Manufacturers in Haryana

ATC Ply is a leading Shuttering Plywood Manufacturers in Haryana and suppliers in the market. The offered shuttering plywood is densified boards utilised essentially for formworks in construction. These boards are composed by joining several sheets of phenolic resin-coated veneers(each installed at proper angles to one another)

ATC Plywood has established a quality benchmark in the furniture industry in India. We provide exceptional quality and enduring shuttering plywoods. Our stock has a sturdy load-bearing capacity that limits swelling throughout shuttering works.

Shuttering plywood is used mainly in the construction industry for constructing all size bridges, water tanks, buildings. The offered Shuttering Plywood can be attainable at economical prices.

Special Features of ATC Shuttering Plywood are:
  • • Eminent GSM Film improves the edges finish & corrosion to resistance.
  • • The overall cost of construction decreases as it is reuse multiple times.
  • • Stable construction offers great static bending strength.
  • • Dimensionally enduring & structurally durable.
  • • Due to superior sealing, it requires less water.
  • • Large size can be obtainable at low labour cost, saves time & a glossy surface.

Technical Specifications

Properties Requirement Test Result
Moisture Content 5 - 15 % 8 - 10 %
Glue Shear Strength
Dry State
Wet State

1350 N
1000 N

1525 N
1200 N
Adhesion of Plies (Knife Test) Pass Pass
Tensile Strength
Along the Grain
Across the Grain

32.5 N/mm2
22.5 N/mm2

45 N/mm2
38 N/mm2
Modulus of Elasticity
Along the Grain
Across the Grain

8000 N/mm2
4000 N/mm2

9000 N/mm2
7000 N/mm2